What to Do When Your Windshield Breaks

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A shattered windshield affects the safety of the driver and others around him. A small chip cannot be taken lightly as the whole structure may shatter under subsequent pressure. You can’t drive around with a damaged windshield until it’s fixed; unlike a scratch or a dent at the side of your car.

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What should you do in the unfortunate event that you notice a crack in your windshield?

  1. Seek professional help

Get professional assistance to determine if your car is safe to drive. Notify your insurance agent to help you with the claims process. It is essential that you report the claim as soon as you notice the crack as it is a hazard to you and everyone else in your car.

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  1. Know your options

You don’t have to replace your entire windshield if the damage is not extensive. Rather than an expensive replacement, you may only require a repair if it’s only a tiny chip on your screen.

If a windshield crack obscures your line of sight or is at the edge of the windshield, you should replace your entire windshield.

  1. Get your windshield repaired

Ask for advice from a professional on your repair options. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, a technician may suggest if you need a repair or an entire replacement.

How quickly you can get your vehicle back on the road again depends on how soon you make a service appointment. On average, it takes up to three hours to replace a windshield. Meanwhile, repairing a small chip may take just 30 minutes.

Repair or replace your windshield as soon as possible

Do not put yourself at risk by delaying a repair. A small chip can quickly spread into a large crack which can lead to a full windshield replacement. With just a 30 minute repair, you can avoid all the trouble. If you have a severe crack on your windshield, get it repaired immediately.

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