Three Tips For Networking in a Coworking Space!

coworking space common ground malaysia

Working as a freelancer can be a lonely process. Moving your professional space into a coworking space may help solve that problem. Other freelancers as well as smaller businesses or teams occupy the same space as you do, providing opportunity to network or just develop friendships. Here are some tips for you!

Join the social events

Coworking spaces often have social events. Game nights, potluck lunches and even gift exchanges like secret santa! These are fun little activities that help you connect with other members of the working space you share. Meet other freelancers and also startups in the space and get to know more about them and their work. Take a breather from work, have fun and make new friends while you’re at these events!

Participate in workshops

coworking space common ground malaysia

More often that not, coworking spaces organise workshops to get newcomers to look and experience their office space. Members usually get discount rates for these, so it’s a good reason to join them! Learn a new skill and make new friends while you learn. You’ll be surprised to connect with likeminded people and know more about the new skill you gained from the instructor!

Don’t be shy in extending contacts

If someone is looking for something that your new friends at the coworking place could provide, don’t hesitate to link them together. Extending contacts and opening up opportunities to other businesses and freelancers shows that you respect and value their work, even when you don’t necessarily work together. It facilitates a community around the coworking space as well as a sense of understanding and solidarity. 


A coworking space not only helps with productivity due to office amenities made available for you to use, they could also open up doors for personal and professional growth. Get to know the people around you better with these helpful pointers. If you’re interested in joining a coworking space, head on over to to join.