The Advantages of Using Keyless Ignition


In recent years, car companies have started manufacturing vehicles with keyless ignition such as the Mitsubishi ASX. This feature means there’s no longer the need to use physical metal keys to start up a car. Instead, drivers carry a key fob and push a button to start the engine. 

Most car models are transitioning to use this technology, but some people are still sceptical about being keyless. If you’re still unsure about this new trend, here’s a list of advantages of using keyless ignition:

Automatic locking

Although keyless systems may differ from brand to brand, most keyless ignitions also come with automatic locking and unlocking.

If you have a key fob in your pocket, your car will automatically unlock once you’re within a distance. With the keyless ignition system, you’ll also never have to worry about locking the car as it automatically secures the door after walking away. In other words, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to lock your vehicle.


No duplicates

Your key fob is unique as it only works for your car. While thieves can duplicate physical car keys, they can’t replicate your key fob. It is impossible to do so without changing the electronic control box in the car. This feature adds another layer to security, so you’ll never have to worry about people robbing or stealing your car.

Remains in your pocket

Ever found yourself outside a shopping mall parking lot and struggling to reach your car keys because your hands are carrying groceries? Since cars with keyless ignition fobs unlock and lock automatically, you’ll never have to take the key fob out of your pocket or bag ever again. This leaves you with one less to carry on your hands.

Never lock keys in the car

This situation doesn’t often happen with remote car keys, but when manual locking cars were still common, people would lock their keys in the car when they’re careless or forgetful. Using a key fob also prevents this from happening as the technology in the car will detect your car fob and refuses to lock the doors.

Go keyless!

Using a push-button start system and a key fob is no doubt more convenient, but you should still take precautions to ensure the well-being of your car. Park your car in well-lit places and make sure you lock it before walking away.

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