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Operating an organization seriously isn’t clear-cut as working hard, it’s about working smart too. Different aspects that include timing, product offering, form of audience as well as right approach has to be evaluated to increase the effectiveness of your corporation even further.

World-class candidates are out there.

The key ingredient to a triumphant firm is getting the best players in the workforce. When you have a excellent team, there isn’t any real boundaries your small business cannot overcome. If your company is made up of staffs having all the essential capabilities and mindset, this is conclusive evidence that in concert, your company will achieve long term success.

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Ahead of the continuing growth of technology, the hiring procedure would be horrendous, especially for employers. The only real readily available means were to publish up job vacancies on tabloids, advertising on bulletin boards and through the traditional, word-of-mouth. Information had not been transferred efficiently to data source, which results in difficulties to monitor and gain access to job applications.

Changes of platforms

However, with the introduction of computers and access to websites, less focus is being placed on the old school candidate selection process. In current establishment, human resource department can simply connect with audiences all over the world. Recruiting online decreases time loss and lowers cost, and reduces waste!

Mark Chang Mun Kee first established Jobstreet in 1997 hoping to provide a web based system to match talent and employers. Approximately a decade down the track, it’s now undoubtedly one of Southeast Asia’s top online employment platform. At this moment, SEEK Asia serves 80 thousand clients and 11 million people looking for work by connecting the communication and matching of career opportunities between recruiters and job hunters.

How does recruitment site works?

Props to Jobstreet, the candidate selection process has metamorphosed tremendously for the better. Currently, with more transparent data pools, sophisticated employee filtering system and cutting edge tools for communication, determining the right candidate is just as effortless than ever before.

Malaysia is definitely the home to Jobstreet’s headquarters but has made its way to cover Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, in addition to Hong Kong and more. This recruitment site seeks to boost true potential of the labor force generally by correctly matching reputable business employers with passionate talents over the South East Asia.

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