Psoriasis Triggers to Avoid

Isn’t it tiring to have constant flare-ups? Despite trying everything you always do, the flare-ups is not going away. Perhaps you are not aware of the triggers that possibly worsen your flare-ups.

There are many triggers that people with psoriasis might not be well aware of. Hence, why you need to learn about these triggers through reading Novartis’ website will definitely keep you in the loop.

As human has a different body, the cause of flare-ups are different too, but here are some of the most common triggers:


Wonder why your skin is not behaving well after a night out? Perhaps it is the alcohol triggering that flare-ups you are experiencing. You start to regret going for that happy hour once skin lesion starts to form.

Alcohol is a quite common trigger for flare-ups, so instead of drinking, you should do something that is more beneficial for you and your skin such as exercises.


Most of the times the cause of stress between each person is different, hence why it is hard to pinpoint it as the trigger because sometimes even you are not aware that you are stressing out on something.

Although so, the body’s biological response towards stress is all the same in each individual. Human body releases adrenaline that raises blood pressure and strains circulatory also immune system, causing a various reaction in the body, in this case, psoriasis flare-ups.

Prevent yourself to be in a stressful position as much as you can, meditate when you can, have a relaxing day, and take it easy on yourself.

Injured skin

Small skin injury such as bug bites or a scratch can trigger your skin in a big way when you have psoriasis.

Suffering from psoriasis means an extra sensitive skin that means an extra care for the skin. Keep yourself from excessive scratching and remember to always moisturize as dry skin is usually more vulnerable to injuries.

Sleep Deprivation

Apparently not getting enough sleep cause even more damage than what is already known widely, it aggravates the skin in some ways.

Improve your sleeping habit it is not only good for your skin, but also for your overall wellbeing.

Always be aware

Avoiding those triggers as much as you can by choosing a healthier lifestyle and taking care of your physical as well as mental wellness allows you to improve your skin and leads a better life even when you live with psoriasis. Knowing the various triggers to psoriasis will make it easier for you to manage all of your symptoms. Learn more about common triggers by visiting