Newborn Formula & Nutrition Products by Abbott Nutrition

lactose free milk malaysia

The current market is currently flooded with food supplements promising many of the richness of nutrition suitable for you plus your child. As this can often lead to the paradox of choice, we feel it be very important for us to speak about very good info regarding the kinds of formula milk by Abbott Nutrition all around, namely their features, and who should consume them.

Why Should You Consider Go For Abbott Nutrition & Infant Formula


Pediasure is a good for the children as a form of nutrition source, because it’s common to them now to become fussy eaters, which caused them to never take in the daily dose of proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals as recommended. While the poor nutrition makes children more vulnerable to diseases, daily intake of 3 glasses of Pediasure helps strengthen their antibody level.

Pediasure’s formula offers the proper amount of calories for youngsters. Additionally, it has the correct amount of nutrients which includes Vitamin A, B12, Biotin, copper, magnesium, selenium, and in addition zinc that can be crucial for physical and mental advancement of a child. It is recommended to recognize their exact nutritional needs, as sometimes overdose of vitamins could very well be harmful.


If you are looking for lactose-free milk Malaysia, Similac has it for you. Similac formula is produced to guide the child’s brain. The mix of lutein, ARA, vitamin E, Taurine, DHA, Iron, Iodine, choline, and others enable the brain to soak up and process information quicker. Generated for kids from 1 to 10 years of age, who’re within a major development stage of the lives.

Similac assists in the support a baby’s overall growth like for example their brain, eye, and defense mechanisms. Final results of every ingredient are; DHA aids to improve brain development, Lutein is actually a nutrient present in breast milk that is required for improving eye health. Vitamin E is essential for supporting cell development, Nucleotides are the fundamentals for constructing a strong immune system, Antioxidants helps to protect your baby’s cells with nutrients like vitamin C, E, and selenium. And as a final point, Prebiotics for encouraging digestive health to get a stronger immune system.

lactose free milk malaysia


Unlike Pediasure, Ensure can be described as a formula that has been formulated for fragile adults, specifically those which has a low degree of energy. Ensure gets the equivalent amount of calories as Pediasure. However, good adult’s nutritional needs, this product’s formula continues to be adjusted to possess a higher amount of niacin, selenium, vitamin A, and Vitamin B12, chromium, selenium, as well as.

Ensure cannot be consumed by children given that the proportion of nutritional content is different. The product is suggested in hospitals for patients who are suffering from serious illness and have undergone an operation that makes it challenging for all of them to consume solid food. When together with fluid, this product can be consumed through a gastric tube in order to provide the patient’s daily nutritional needs.

With that said, Pediasure is definitely the product to back up children’s both mental and physical growth. Meanwhile, Similac provides nutrition to children to help improve their learning abilities. Lastly, Ensure regarded as a product made to provide essential nutrient elements together to adults with difficulty consuming normal food.  Get more information at