Need Smartphone & Mobile Plan? Select Digi

Digi Malaysia: Internet data Plan & Even more 

Today, the innovative communication technologies have got we all closer to each other. It actually is undeniable that presently, the most crucial mechanism rendering it all possible are smartphones as well as the internet. As soon as we begin the matter of internet, it’s a challenge to find good & reliable network provider

Available in this space, the brand that is definitely synonymous with the color yellow, Digi, really stands out. Since their inception in 1995, Digi is actually a brand which is certainly well-known to push the bounds and also innovates its offerings, whether a broadband plan or even the usual mobile phone subscription package. 

Digi’s Prepaid & Postpaid plan

Digi’s prepaid plan has been one of several products to find. Should you wish to try them out, their prepaid SIM card is going to be all too easy to buy. You can easily head to 7 Eleven and acquire one and also the registration while in the counter before experiencing the most from that which we believe is the ideal prepaid plan in Malaysia.  

One other popular alternative for the users is Digi’s postpaid plan. After comparing so many postpaid plans in Malaysia, we can decide that Digi comes with the cheapest plan you can get, from RM50 for all those seeking the cheapest monthly commitment, and the only RM250 to get a family postpaid plan for as many as 5 users.  Get yourself the new Samsung S9 with Digi Postpaid plan.

Get latest iPhone & various Android smartphone with Digi

Nevertheless, the perfect plan can only be enjoyed when your purchase an awesome phone to complement. With Digi, you may also opt to buy smartphones just like iPhone 8 for the bargain price. Additionally, you can pick the Easy Payment Plan to complement your plan for zero deposit, but this relies on your eligibility. 

samsung s9

If you prefer an Android smartphone better, well Digi provides the right plan for you also! With a range of trendy smartphones from Vivo, Huawei, perhaps even Oppo waiting for you, Digi plans to present you with what you need. Another positive point important to note here is that all these mobile phones come with a discounted price. 

Find out more on latest Samsung Galaxy S9 here:

Broadband internet

Trying to find a mobile supply of data but hate to use up your cell phone as a tethering device, purchase a high-speed broadband. Now, Digi features the best broadband plan you can obtain in Malaysia with more data for the very least charge. If you don’t like to get tied up, choose the prepaid broadband plan. 

International plan

For travelers, there is an aspect of Digi’s plans that is definitely important to note, which is roaming plan. The times where you ought to buy disposable SIM cards abroad are no longer, as you possibly can simply surf the internet with your own individual Digi SIM card. Considering the initial rate as small as RM5, you simply need activation. 

Customer care

Simply, one reason we like Digi so much is that they always aim to produce a better service to the consumers. Using a more stable connection better coverage for rural areas, Digi is determined to head the telecommunication market with a higher benchmark for competitors to keep pace with.