Huawei P20 Pro Camera: A Photographer’s Dream

The reveal party is here

The Huawei P20 Pro has taken things further with the master level photography to its 2018 flagship phone.

From our experience with the top-tier device for a couple of weeks now, its safe to say that Huawei P20 Pro has the best camera you’ll find in any phone.

Not two, but Huawei P20 Pro three camera!

Here’s where things get really interesting. All three cameras are arranged across its back. The main camera has an ultra-high resolution 40MP sensor with a backup of 20MP black and white sensor. It all helps with processing, improving dynamic range and decreasing image noise!

The third camera has three times of ‘zoom’ lens and an 8MP sensor. Now, talk about zooming into a scene without any digital zoom! Hats off, it is ultra-flexible and fantastic.

Low-light and night mode

Let’s talk about the lighting now. Huawei P20 Pro offers ISO 102,400 that you can try and get your best shot. But, don’t expect miracles to happen of course. You’ll need to learn the tips and tricks of the feature as you play with it. Besides, what’s more exciting is the Night Mode! You won’t even need a tripod to make it better. This real-time handheld option is enough to create a composite image.

Impressively, it’ll create a time-lapse style single image, so even if people walk through the frame, you’ll just see their blurry figures as the rest of the image stays in focus. It’s like magic in a better form!

Artificial intelligence (AI)

The strong backbone of Huawei camera lies on its artificial intelligence (AI) solution. Its Kirin 960 chipset is making a big hit in the industry too. If you’re unaware, the AI on P20 Pro means it can auto-recognise up to 19 different scene types, including categories. For example, it can differentiate between a number of cat breeds. Tell me that’s remarkable?!

A dream come true

To say the least, we’ve briefly touched upon the core here. But, from our experience of using the Huawei P20 Pro, without a doubt, it’s the best phone camera available to date. Time to get yours today at