How to start a business even without money

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Can a person start a business even if he has no money? Is the savings, or the money from the legacy assets, to be the starting capital? Usually, many believe that to start doing anything, no matter what, no matter what kind of business, there needs to be capital.

For this reason, many have given reasons that there is no capital, which is why he has not started a business to this day. Of course, to do anything there needs to be money. Especially nowadays with various offer of SME and business loan.

But there is one thing that many people mistake or overlook. Money is a must. But not necessarily from your own pocket. The world around you is never short of money. Because money is one of the most important sources of business transactions in the world today. However, there are times when you can even start a business without any money as a starting capital.

I share here, 4 ways to start a business even if you don’t have the money.

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#1. Stay with your current job, start a part-time business

This is the easiest and safest way to start a business with no money. You do not have to quit your job and pay full attention to the business you want to run. Make it part-time first.

With the salaries you earn for living expenses and other necessities, including a small amount of expenses to make a business idea, you can get the salary you earn each month. You also do not have to make a lot of loans and then be pressured to get as fast as possible to repay the debt you have accumulated.

In this age of sophisticated communications technology, the convenience of starting a business without having to stop working is something that is easy and easy to do. As long as you can split the time and not run away from the responsibilities you are given in the payday job, there is nothing to worry about.

The important thing is that you don’t have to make a business loan. In time, your business will grow and be able to afford to stop working and focus on business full time.

#2. Create a service-based business on your personal skills

Think about what personal skills you have. The kind of skill that can help others who need it. There are many skills available in the market. They are usually related to service activities rather than physical products.

Maybe you have the skills to manage a business account. Many small companies are unable to hire permanent employees for the purpose of updating their business financial information. Such companies need the skills you have. It’s easier if the company belongs to a friend you know.

Most importantly, you have the skills that come from previous experience that makes you better than anyone else. Think of a skill that you already have and think of who needs it now. If so, you can immediately start the business.

#3. Start selling items you don’t use

You may still not be able to identify what skills are available to others. It’s fine, there’s still an easy way to start a business. Take a look around the house for items that can still be used but you don’t have to. Gather all those bras. Take a look at the same kind of stuff at your parents’ house, your family’s house and if you’re good to your neighbors, look at their house too.

Or you can tell all your friends, neighbors and one village that you’re willing to go and collect all the things they don’t need and want to throw away.

Take all of these items and start looking for customers who are willing to buy them. To make sure that people will look for you every time something is removed, give the original owner a small reward after the item has been sold.

#4. Find an investor

Like I said in the beginning. You want to create a business that really needs capital. In this case, go find an investor.

Make sure they are willing to invest in your business idea. Make a strong preparation to present your business idea until they feel they are losing out on the investment.

Find a way, not excuses

There are probably many other ways that people have given up. And you know it yourself. But it’s all worth it if you keep moving. Don’t know a thousand ways to start a business without capital, if you haven’t tried one.

Final say, don’t lend money illegally. Don’t even use credit card money. The cost is very high and your life may be damaged as a result. Good luck.