How To Nail Your Phone Job Interview

A lot of company choose to do a job interview through phone nowadays. It is more convenient, cheaper, and faster especially for candidates that are out of town. Doing a phone interview may sound simple but there are many things that you have to know and prepare before doing your phone interview.

Back then when landline phones are still a thing, it is always recommended to use that instead of a cell phone. As the time changes and smartphones become a thing, smartphones are likely faster and more convenient to use for anything, smartphones like Vivo V5 will definitely support your interview in the best way possible.

Here are some of the things that you need to know:

Be prepared

There are reasons why a company calls you in the first place, to make a plan on doing a walk-in interview, or doing the interview itself through the phone. Either way, you always have to be prepared for it.

Always answer your phone politely and professionally, especially if it is from a number that you do not recognize or when you are expecting a call.

Keep your resume on sight

When you are doing your interview, oftentimes your interviewer will ask you about your experiences, accomplishments, or any question that you need to answer based on your resume.

Always have your resume on sight so that you don’t need to scramble around for it and make the interviewer wait for an answer, that will sound very unprofessional over the phone.

Do a mock interview

Sometimes an interview makes you nervous. A phone interview can be different and have different feelings compared to walk-in interviews.

If possible or if you feel like it will help you in one way or another, have a practice interview with your friends or family to prepare yourself for the time of interview. Preparing yourself will take you a long way.

Choose the best phone for your interview

It is crucial for you to not only be ready at all times but for your phone to be ready. Vivo V5 is definitely the best in the market for you. Check out to know more about Vivo V5.