Etiquettes You Should Observe When You Hire a Candidate

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If you’re looking to expand your team, your company may start a hiring process to get the right candidate to your door. However, a candidate might change their mind about working for you if they get the wrong impressions through the interview or hiring process. You may not know it, but even the tiniest thing can set off some red flags. We’ve listed down three etiquettes you should stick to when you’re about to hire someone. 

1. Set a Welcoming Mood

It’s crucial for everyone who comes in for an interview to feel that the company is an excellent place to work. They should feel that your company is giving them time and space to listen to them present themselves. 

Keep them comfortable and listen to what your candidate has to say. Remember, an interview is not a one-way process, and interviewers need to be mindful of creating a good candidate experience. 

2. Don’t Forget to Prepare!

When an interviewer fumbles through because you don’t know what questions to ask, you risk asking inappropriate or illegal questions as well as wasting the company, candidate and your time. Go through your candidates’ resume and details. Plan way ahead than you think so everything would go smoothly. 

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This step is often overlooked by managers. Not being prepared before you meet with the candidate is a bad first impression. Not to mention, unpreparedness might derail the interview and prevent you from having a dynamic and fruitful conversation. 

3. Be Clear to Your Candidates

I’m sure you’ve been there. After an interview, you’re left wondering and waiting for a response from the company. We understand that the hiring process does take some time, even up to a few weeks before you finally reach out to the candidate. 

Be clear with them by communicating with job candidates that they are still in the running for the position, or if you have decided to move forward with other candidates. This gracious step is an excellent way to keep your company’s good name, and allow the candidates to plan their next move.


A good employment experience starts all the way from the hiring process. With the right hiring attitudes and etiquettes, you’re bound to get the right candidate every time you put up a job vacancy. To know more about the best way to start looking for new candidates, click here