Digi Malaysia: Internet data Package & A lot more

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Green, blue, orange or yellow has grown to be no longer just 4 colors we learn at the kindergarten. In the telecom market sector, each of these colors represents a portion of the top players in the local telecommunication industry. In this posting, we promote the most reliable of them all purely for your thought.

Digi, the Best Postpaid & Prepaid Provider in Malaysia

One of the many big players, one seemingly getting noticed more than all the rest, it is Digi. Despite the fact that the brand arrived later than Celcom and Maxis in 1995, Digi was the first one to introduce a totally digital cellular network for the local market. Nowadays, Digi offers a magnificent smartphone and internet packages to all of us.


Just about the most basic plan, you can easily find will be the prepaid plan. Unquestionably, Digi provides the best-prepaid plan in Malaysia precisely as it comes with great value at an affordable price. You can just buy Digi’s prepaid SIM card around the airport or convenient stores like 7 Eleven and obtain smooth mobile internet experience.


Having said that, some who prefers a stable commitment can choose to subscribe to Digi’s postpaid plan. As users can request to switch network easily, they could choose a variety of plans, which include the RM50 pack that provides 10GB of data, as well as Digi Postpaid Family pack that practically offers unlimited internet data.

Apple Smartphone

However, the perfect plan can only be better enjoyed when you obtain a remarkable phone that matches. With Digi, you may as well decide to buy smartphones exactly like the iPhone 8 for the good price. Also, you can simply select the Easy Payment Plan that matches your plan for 0 % deposit, however, this depends upon eligibility.

Android Smartphone

As Digi understands that the majority of its customers are searching for great value, they always offer affordable Android phones to accompany. Surely famous Android phones like Samsung will there be, but what’s really special often is the free smartphone deals, for example, the Oppo F5 & Vivo Y66 available from Digi.


As we talk about the numerous plans and packages, let’s go down right to what genuinely matters for individuals today, that’s high-speed internet. As you might want to opt for the broadband, with Digi, the package starts from RM30 for 18GB of prepaid data, to merely RM100 for 100GB of data with postpaid plan.

IDD & International Roaming

Things just keep on improving with Digi as they simply offer great offers for IDD & international roaming. With Digi, you will get a roaming pass whenever you visit any of the listed Fifty countries where one can surf high-speed internet for only RM5 each and every day. So, you’ll no longer have to have a local SIM card in foreign countries.

international roaming

While we highlight many of the great offers Digi have for consumers, we think it may help everybody to make better decisions should they choose, or in other words, re-choose their mobile phone network provider in Malaysia. Let’s not waste our money on preventable charges, and start practicing smart consumerism in our day-to-day lives. Study more at https://new.digi.com.my/home