Are Mid-Range Phones Getting Better?

vivo y81 digi

These days phone releases are getting harder and harder to keep track. Smartphone manufacturers are always announcing new models from their premium ranges to the market. However, cheaper phones like the Vivo y81 are slowly getting more attention from the media and consumers alike. This beckons the question, are mid-range phones getting better and better?

Flagship Phones

Every manufacturer has a range of both flagship and mid-range phones to cater to specific needs or wants of each consumer. Flagship phones are the best and most important device produced by a company. They usually come with the best hardware and software available at the time of their release. These phones are generally marketed the most and carry a more hefty price tag than the rest of the products from the company. 

Mid-range Phones

vivo y81 digi

Making better affordable phones is just as crucial for manufacturers. This is how they could get their products to reach further into the market. Mid-rangers are middle of the size, quality and price spectrum of the phones on the market. They are usually task-specific. This means some mid-range phones’ appeal comes from the camera or display, while some may have a faster processor to cater to gamers.

Why Mid-Range Phones are Great Phones

Nowadays, phones in all price categories are incredibly well-made. Phones in metal chassis or glass builds have a sturdy feel to it to complement the sleek design. Mid-range phones across the board have features and hardware that can compete with their flagship counterparts. Processors are getting faster, cameras are sharper, and battery life is longer, even at their low price-point. All this feeds into the reason why more and more people are considering or recommending mid-range phones over premium or high-end ones. 


If you’re looking to buy a new phone, always base your decision against your needs. Unless you’re an Instagram influencer or gaming journalist, chances are you don’t necessarily need the sharpest camera or fastest processor in your phone. And even if you prefer such features, more and more affordable phones are incorporating them into their models. If you’re looking to get a good quality phone that complements a fantastic telco plan, have a look at Digi’s phone plans here