10 Signs the Company is Best for you!

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Getting a permanent job has been a huge challenge in this millennium. The first day of work and you’re already feeling uncomfortable sitting around the office. Have you ever had this experience?

Confused if you are in the best company like you imagine it when you saw it in the job hiring websites? We’ve shared 10 signs that you don’t have to worry about writing a letter of resignation.

job hiring website jobstreet philippines

Have senior staff stay at the company for more than two and a half years

Don’t hesitate to dig deeper into the history and experiences of senior employees about what’s good and bad about the company. Ask around to get more idea about the company. It’s never a bad idea to know about the company you are working for.

You love your work

Doing the work that you love will help you to have a fun experience while working. I will boost your work enthusiasm and morale, hence will boost your quality of work.

Openness to share ideas and thoughts

Feeling comfortable with your boss and no restriction in giving thoughts and ideas in solving problems is one of the signs that the company is ready to help employees optimize their capabilities.

A professional, safe, and caring environment

A sense of respect for your co-workers and professional attitude should be taken to ensure that each one is comfortable working. Quality of work is also guaranteed in such an environment.

Satisfactory payment

No matter the number, if the company is paying you well for the effort you put in, the company is perfect for you. You should have self awareness to know whether your current pay is enough for you.

You can learn new skills

Companies that care about efficiency are constantly striving to increase the credibility of their employees. Work and study; something very valuable, right?

Celebrations from small things to big festivals

Workers get their first child? Congratulations! We’re having a great dinner tonight! If your company has this kind of atmosphere, thank God!

Vacation requests are never in question

The Malaysian Employment Act does not give employers the right to ask for leave on their employees. If you find it hard to get a holiday because of a vacation reason you may not be able to use it, you may want to think again to continue working at the company.

You are able to maintain a balanced lifestyle

Work that does not stress and does not interfere with your life schedule should give you the opportunity to practice your desired lifestyle. If you are having a good balanced lifestyle, this job perfect for you.

The impulse to says “YES!”

While it may sound like a lot, give yourself a chance to adapt to a new company in three months. If your intuition still hasn’t changed, you know the answer.


In conclusion, with these tips, hopefully we will still be able to perform well in the office and can contribute well in the workplace.